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July 13, 2003 - 1:44 pm

this weekend is a whirlwind of social activity. i feel like doris day but without the matching outfits and the volumed hair. on friday, i met up with my friend craig. he came over and hung out and we made blender drinks and went for gelato. soon after, my friends came by one by one (or more acurately, all in pairs) and we all got girl drunked up and by the end of the night me and c had about 11 people in our tiny apartment. the next day i had a bit of a hangover and i was happy that it was raining out cuz that way i could just lay in bed without a shred of guilt. after napping for quite a bit, we went to meet craig and aaron at havana for a late evening dinner where we drank mojitos and ate well. we then headed to buk's for a beer and met up with some of aaron's friends. after agonizing where to go next, we decided to all come over here and once again, me and c became host to another large group of people in our tiny home. over the weekend, we had unwittingly become hosts extraordinaire.

today will include errands and tidying up and then tonight more social activities on my calendar. i think we'll be meeting up with friends either at the alibi room or at the clubhouse for more eats and drinks tonight. me and my pocketbook are not made for this kind of living.

i could go on about how i hate my friend's boyfriend. he is a very self-righteous vegan and i have had many arguements with him in the past. i hate him. he was over this weekend and made some small comment asking if there was 'phlegm' (his word for cheese) in the salsa that i had made. for the sake of not losing my doris day demeanor i said nothing. but it was apparently obvious that he became more and more uncomfortable as much of the party talk revolved around food. cheese and butter and all sorts of meat. he quietly left. i feel some intense glee that his apartment is just down the street from a chicken rendering plant that spews out the most disgusting smells imaginable. just rewards, i say.

i can also go on about last night's boorish guest (no friend of mine, but my friend's very different brother). he was talkative and attention-getting in the worst way. i admit to feeling a bit of glee when on the way to my house he had to stop behind a dumpster to pee and dozens of rats climbed out from the dumpster and landed and circled around his legs in midstream. ha!

i must stop this meanness. doris day had a smile for everybody.

fuck her.

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