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July 11, 2003 - 7:23 am

i am so fucking hungry already and it's not even anywhere close to being 8 am. left over pizza for breakfast it will have to be.

tonight my craig, my friend from toronto will come over to visit. i've invited some friends to come over and we can all escape the heat by having an evening picnic in the beautiful park across the street. blender drinks and good times. i like to think of the park as an extension of my apartment....my front yard, if you will. our apartment is so teeny that i've got to consider all the options.

i know that everyone seems to be sick of hearing about the olympics (i certainly am), but i can't stop thinking about what that will do to my apartment and neighbourhood. i certain that in a few years our building will be demolished to make way for some new prime edge-of-downtown location condos fuelled by olympic greed. our landlord grew up in these buildings and his family had owned them prior to him taking over. but he's getting older now and in a few years will think about retiring. strathcona is growing and the olympics will definitley raise prices. i'm sure he'll sell this building to developers and all the artists (and me) who live here will be fucked. and our plan of buying a townhome here in lovely strathcona in three years will also be fucked. fuck. maybe i'll just rent out our place (wherever we'll be living in 2010) and take off to europe for 2 weeks and make enough for a downpayment on a house then. bah.

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