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July 10, 2003 - 4:50 pm

okay, so i got bored last night around 11pm or so and changed my template. but i hit a snag and then had to go to bed cuz i had to work at 8am the next morning. so i went to work on an empty stomach, ate a nanaimo bar cuz they was a plate of 'em hanging around in the kitchen and that was that for nutritional intake. when i got home, the food situtation isn't much better. i ate a hunk of italian bread with butter and sat down to fix my template. i realized quickly that i had misnamed my images and that was why i kept getting image error messages. phew. problem solved. diary unlocked.

today scattered around our neighbourhood there are flyers for a new video "club". finally someone has opened up a much needed video "store" in our neighbourhood. to say a store is pushing it. it's in some enterprising guy's apartment and he's got a load of dvd's that he's renting for 2 bux a pop. cornelius took a look today and nothing really jumped out at him, but i'm sure the guy will be getting more dvds if he's successful.

tonight's activities will be ordering in pizza cuz it's too hot to cook or move and watching a dvd of 'traffik' -- the original british version that we got from the library. and i'll probably drool over nigella's 'how to be a domestic goddess' cookbook which i got from the library as well. i need that book.

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