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July 09, 2003 - 4:28 pm

i started the day off with a club sandwich at berts. i had fries and gravy. nothing like fries and gravy to remind me of being in highschool. it was pretty tasty in a very beefy kind of way. i met aaron and we walked up and down main street and i bought a book at a great used bookstore and gave it to cornelius as a present. i'm a nice girlfriend that way. we went to liberty and we each ate buttery-rich n' pretty pink diplomat pastries and drank a large jug of their yummy lemonade. eating pastries and drinking lemonade feels totally luxurious on a wednesday workday afternoon.

when i got home, me and c made cranberry-strawberry-orange-lime popsicles. they'll be ready in a few hours and i can't wait to try them. we then spent some yummy afternoon time in bed and now i'm all geeked out wearing flipflops, old-man shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. we're heading to the park across the street to play gin and splash in the water. whoooo! summer!!

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