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July 01, 2003 - 9:32 am

last night i worked at one of the few remaining days i have at the theater. cornelius came and we watched 'the good theif'. despite the half hour of crap that started the movie and the really shitty "i'm a beautiful prostitute/junkie girl who saves the man" character, it was actually pretty good. but i like heists. actually a caper is probably exactly what i need right now: excitement, adventure, holidays, the perfect outfit, money. well, that or a steady job. i'm not that picky.

today is canada day and c and i were planning on riding our bikes around stanley park and eating cupcakes at the cupcake store on denman. it's looking like rain and i'm sure because of the holiday, the park will be packed with oldsters and families and dogs. i guess there is always the lure of blender drinks in my kitchen and shimmying to some old jamaican ska.

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