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June 25, 2003 - 9:19 pm

i just got back from my 2 days in seattle and i'm all pinky-coloured from the sun and i'm feeling fine! the fall were great and the moore hotel was great and the fact that i only bought 2 books was great too. i have 2 days of work for the rest of this week and then i'm looking forward to not working. i really, really am -- cuz we all know working sucks ass in a big way. i'm actually feeling pretty good about being able to find something good. my finances are actually good and i have quite a lot of savings and the fact that my rent is only two hundred bux a month makes me not worry so much. i didn't call the theater and ask for my job back (phew!) and i am planning for near-future trips and i'm not worried. really.

it's funny cuz i ride my bike all the time: to get to and from work, to run errands, to get where i wanna go. so i'm always assuming my shoes are pretty comfy. but in seattle, me and cornelius walked everywhere for miles and miles and miles and my fucking feet and knees hurt like hell. i guess my red chucks may look all sweet but they really are shit for walking around.

tommorrow after work, i will pick up my 2 new pairs of eyeglasses and my 2 new pairs of contact lenses!! i can't wait!!

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