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June 22, 2003 - 4:54 pm

last night i gave my two weeks notice at the movie theatre. i had been saying i was going to quit for ages, but hadn't actually gotten around to it cuz it's not a horrible job or anything. i actually like working there: free popcorn and snacks, good people, being able to watch the movies while working and doing very little actual work. but i did it for the sake of summer. i want a good one....one with spontanious weekend getaways and lazy days. and they like me so much that i can come back if i want in the fall. if i want. and even tho i liked my job very muchly....i hope i won't have to take them up on that offer.

this afternoon, my friends carley and kristen stopped by and i made cupcakes and tea and we had jelly bellys in a lovely red pyrex dish. i felt like a hostess extraordinare. i even wore my lovely pink/white/brown check apron for that special touch of good housekeeping perfection. cornelius took care of our musical selection with a selection of old gospel, jamaican ska, 60's girl garage groups and some holly go-lightly on the ol' hi-fi. it was a lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon....the perfect mix of sociability and laziness. after they left, me and c got some groceries and now a pot of chickpea/tahini/cumin soup is on the stove and some tuna melts are on the way.....

i love sundays.

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