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June 20, 2003 - 11:16 pm

i just came back from the magazine's release party. work parties suck. so many people were there that i didn't know and the others that i did know, i didn't feel like talking to. and it's not that i don't get along with the people there...i do -- to an extent -- but the atmosphere reminds me of high school, and that's never a good thing. there are a couple of people in the art department who i genuinely like and enjoy sharing in their company, but the others i find it difficult to even talk with them. those are the ones who are like the popular good looking girls in high school who only seem to talk about their diet habits and how many different pilates classes they take. it's too girlie and i just can't take it. i've always had more boy friends than girl friends. boys just seemed simpler and more uncomplicated. i never felt inadequate, fat or tongue-tied when i was with my boy friends. with girl friends, it was always a bit different.

i don't know really where i am going with this ramble. i'm slightly drunk and i rode home alone in the cold and rain. i'm tired and miserable.

again: work parties suck. i hate chit-chat. i hate feeling not like myself.

i'm going to bed to snuggle under the comforter with c and snoopy the cat.

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