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June 21, 2003 - 10:06 am

for the first time in a long while i don't have cable. in fact, if i turned on the tv i'd only get one channel. now that buffy is over i certainly don't have a television show that i have to watch. and i never watch very much tv anyways and i'm not really missing it at all...but there are those times when reading, or being on the computer, or listening to music just doesn't cut it.

when i was a kid we had one small black and white television and no cable. we got 3 channels with our rabbit ears and the agricultural news always seemed to be on (strange because we did live in a city). i never saw any cartoons other than 'hercules' and 'rocket robin hood' and i always thought not having cable was a major part of my deprived childhood. when i was in grade 11, my grandparents died and we inherited their huge console colour tv. my brother and i would be the first to admit that the televison sure helped with the berevement process (and thanks to a move to a different part of town, we now had 5 channels to watch in full colour, oh boy).

in my current non-cable lifestyle, i don't feel particularily deprived. sure, i'd love to see what the 'amazing race' is all about or tune in to martha once in awhile, but it's no big deal....at least until the constant rain sets in...

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