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June 18, 2003 - 8:00 am

finally, the weather has been nice and hot and i've been getting that summery feeling. on sunday i went over to kyla's and we churned ice cream on her picnic table. i mean, that activity just screams of summer!! it didn't take long at all to turn some liquid into solids. mmmm, homemade coffee-chocolate-skorbar bits ice-cream!! we then decided to head to the local bar to watch the nba finals and drink the ceasar special. after the spurs kicked new jersey we headed to my place where we made a late night dinner and ate more homemade icecream. kyla even taught me a how to knit...we'll i didn't learn to cast on or pearl, but i was able to knit about 5 lovely looking rows!

the next day after work, me and c headed to the park outside our building and watched all the kids play in the water spray. we played gin and i tried to knit as he dealt the cards and shuffled. unfortunately, my tries were not enough and soon i had more stitches than i was supposed to and i got frustrated and ripped the whole thing apart. and i lost at gin. as it got cooler, we headed back inside and played a good game of scrabble where i kicked ass with an eight letter word on a triple-word score. whoooo!

yesterday i went to see cynthia plaster caster documentary at the bl. it wasn't as great as i thought it might be, but afterwards, me and c rode our bikes around my favorite street in the industrial section of the downtown eastside. we saw newly converted lofts and beautiful old industry and the workers waterfront and it was still warm out at 11pm. we saw an old diner that we'll have to go to soon and we rode by another diner (with a complete nautical theme, formica tables and a counter with white vinyl stools) where we went for breakfast a couple of weeks ago that would be a great place to see bands.

today we're heading to bowen island for some hiking and some fish n' chip eating. i love taking the ferry....even if it's only a fifteen minute ride. and next tuesday, i'll be heading to seattle to see the fall and staying overnight at the moore hotel (thanks jetbot!)

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