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June 14, 2003 - 2:07 pm

i know that i should stay home this afternoon and tidy up and finish another template for my client, but i'd rather just about be anywhere else. c and i walked to the drive this morning, ate some breakfast, ran errands and then he had to run off to burnaby and do database work. bah. yesterday i got an email from my boss at the magazine asking if i could work three days instead of one and of course i said yes, but that means working a whole entire week of work....and i'm really just not used to that. so i feel that i have to make the most of this weekend.

i was thinking of having a small housewarming gathering for tommorrow evening, but it's the same night as the clean/yo la tengo show. grrrrrr. i've become so out of the loop for music! i can't believe it. i think it must be a sure sign of growing old. when i was moving, i found 3 credit notes worth over $80 for a local record store and now that i have the chance to buy new stuff, i really don't even know what's out there. sigh. and to think that i worked in record stores for years and most likely hated the person that i've become. i am thinking of going to see the fall in seattle on the 24th, but i don't know of any cheap places to stay there. if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

as for heading outside this afternoon, i'm not making any commitments.

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