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June 11, 2003 - 7:57 am

it's been a crazy week so far. work at the magazine has been tense....everyone is on edge and worried about the mad man who runs joint. eek. needless to say, i am furiously looking for something else. a full time job with benefits and decent pay would be nice. and speaking of that, why hasn't the goverment called? don't they know i am no. one on their list?? ooops...i prolly have to give them my new number!

last night i met with a freelance client. i'll be getting some work but i'm tentative on taking more work because of the risk involved. he is starting up a new buisness and i'm not convinced on his ability to pay. i'll be drawing up my contract today for the 2 templates he has asked me to design for him. i hate freelancing. i want steady, solid work. i want benefits. i want vacation time. c'mon gov't job!

after i met with the client, me and c headed to a local pub where we partook in beer and cheap burgers. we then rented a couple movies from the craziest rental shop where the clerk prides himself on remembering people's phone number. and despite the fact that i haven't been in that shop for over a year, he was still able to remember my phone number! crazy. we watched 'spy kids' directed by robert rodriguez (who also did "el mariachi") and it was pretty funtastic!

tonight i'll be watching game 4 of the nba finals with the usual crew at the beatty. afterwards, i'll definitely be heading to see okie noodling, a documentary about okie fisherman who catch catfish with their hands. music is by the flaming lips. i'm pretty excited.

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