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June 08, 2003 - 8:38 am

today c is going to be doing database work all day and i plan on putting up pictures and finding a home for all my non-kitchen collectables. and i think i will just have to head to the gap and buy another skirt like the one i bought 2 days ago...cuz it's the best fucking skirt of the summer and i can just tell that i'm going to end up living in it.

yesterday, there was a huge street garage sale in our neighbourhood. it was pretty great and i bought enough stuff to fill the wicker basket on my bike. i met new neighbours, saw old friends and felt constantly in awe that this is probably the best secret neighbourhood in all of vancouver. after we unloaded our haul, c and i rode our bikes to the drive to fill up our baskets on green grapes, strawberries, lemons, apples and nectarines. i also popped my head into the vintage shop that took my kitchen table and matching couch and chair on consignment and to my luck, the couch and chair sold for $450! after that bit of good news (and a big, fat cheque in my bag), c and i decided to escape the heat and grab some beer at a local pub before riding home. mmm....beer and heat and air conditioning go hand in hand, my friend.

after making some homemade lemonade, we headed out to check fabrics for curtains at 'dressew' and found nothing. drank slurpees in a park around tinseltown and checked out a movie production designer clothing sale where c bought a whack of stuff and i bought a tshirt. and we couldn't resist going to t&t supermarket...the hugest asian supermarket where we bought more grocieries and wondered what the hell was 'chicken bung' and why did we see it frozen, fresh and sauteed? eek! then we came home, made hummus, ate bbq pork and watched 'rear window'. not a night full of excitement, but nice. very very nice.

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