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May 26, 2003 - 12:04 pm

boxes are still piled up the wazoo at the new place, but we've been tackling them with might and ferocity seldom seen before. its pretty exciting deciding where will go what and putting up shelves and seeing rooms take shape. i will definitely post pictures of our pretty pretty place once all is done. we've got to head out to ikea (again!) and home depot (again!) to pick up shelve brackets and fitted sheets at the former and plywood at the latter. yesterday i had a brainstorm to hang shelves along the tops of our hallway (we have high high ceilings), instead of putting our bookshelves in the hall. it will definitely make our place less clautrophobic.

but less moving talk, and more of the "exciting" things i did this weekend. sadly, me and c missed the doc at the blinding light on friday and ended up drinking beer and playing gin instead (we played 2 games each, i won the first game with 106 points and he won the 2nd game with 106!) on saturday we moved like muthafuckers. packed, hauled and sweated. we relaxed with a mix of club soda and miss rose's lime syrup. mmmm, my new drink of the summer! we finished most of the work around 9:30 and c was ready for bed. i decided to take a nap too before heading out to patsy's dance party. but i fell asleep and was awoken at midnight to kyla's phone call asking where i was. well, i hopped, skipped and jumped out of bed and down 4 blocks to the party in full swing. i drank beer, met some new folks, chatted up my good friends and as james brown would say, got on the good foot. i walked back home in the pouring rain and fell into bed beside a sleeping c.

sunday, we moved more stuff and unpacked a lot of stuff. we got a bit of a scare when i emptied one box and a cockroach scurried out. i will assume that the roach was in the banana box that i had picked up from the grocery store originally and did not come from the new apartment. up until yesterday, i had never ever seen a cockroach in my life. eek! they are not pretty things, friend. we then decided to take a dinner break and we headed up to main street hoping for a yummy cheap meal at hawkers delight, but they were closed. a few doors down, we found a tiny cramped asian place with homemade noodles that fit our bill for cheap, good food.

today, my day will involve more unpacking, more installing of shelves and cup hooks, and other things i'm sure i can't think of yet. but it's okay, i'm not working today and it's sunny outside and that makes me happy. i'm also happy i will only work 2 days this week. whoooo!

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