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May 21, 2003 - 5:08 pm

here is what i wrote earlier this afternoon, but diaryland wouldn't let me post it. grrrr....

i'm at work now. the magazine's publication deadline was last week and everyone is gone. well, everyone except the office staff and me, the lone web girl. there's not much to do for once. i'm just cleaning up loose ends and figuring out problems, like why i can't get the flash detect to work. grrr. i hate technology.

i also hate that i have no time to work on my design test for the agency. it's due tommorrow at 3pm and i can only find time to work on it tonight. i hope i can get those creative juices flowing. especially, as all i really want to do is sleep. i also have to find time tonight to respond to a freelance request over the telephone. ack, the work never ends.

yesterday was hell. in the morning, i was really looking forward to the day. i was planning on attending a buffy party with kyla and drink and eat and have a communal cry about the last episode ever. but, at work, i couldn't keep awake. i was tempted to take a cat nap on the couch upstairs, but decided the best thing was to go home and take a real sleep in my bed. but i ended up talking with mees0o for over an hour on the phone and made dinner and watched the final buffy alone. but afterwards, i had a sudden burst of productivity and cleaned out boxes and boxes of paper and old zines and photos and all sorts of stuff i didn't need any more. i organized my art supplies and my mixed tapes. i don't feel that i am anywhere close to being ready to move (tho last week, c packed a bunch of my boxes and took them to his place). i still have lots to do. i also have stuff for sale (1950's vintage couch, 1950's vintage kitchen chrome table, shelving unit, etc.), so if you live in vancouver and are interested, let me know cuz  everything is going cheep cheep cheep.

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