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May 17, 2003 - 8:16 am

i am a bad sleeper. i can't just get the hang of it, especially when it seems easy enough for others. and in times of stress (and daylight savings time), my bad sleeping goes to hell.

yesterday i had a job interview for a chi-chi design company in gastown. i had applied for a job at midnight on tuesday and i received an email from the designer first thing on wednesday saying how much they loved my portfolio and that they wanted an interview. i sounded like the perfect job: work part time, 2-3 days a week, the opportunity to work from home once i got the hang of things, and the opportunity to quit my design job at c0lliers. i was excited. i dyed my hair a lovely and very 'put-together' shade of 'brazillian brown' and went out to relax and drink and watch bball with kyla and randy. i prepared for the interview and was ready for their questions. or so i thought. when i met the designer, she seemed great. casual and friendly. we chatted and i then i met with the head boss who scared the shit out of me. she was one of those tanned, leggy blondes in a power suit who did nothing but stare me down. it was totally intimidating! the more uncomfortable i got, the worse the interview got. bah. i don't think i got the job.

and to make matters worse, yesterday was not just fucking cold but the weather alternated between pouring like a muthafuck to hailing wet snow! SNOW! fer crissakes, it's may already!

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