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May 15, 2003 - 6:50 am

last night, c and i decided it was time to get some new shit for our apartment and we headed off to ikea to buy me a new pooter desk. sadly, we are not the organized kind and when we saw the desk we liked, we didn't know if it would fit into the space we had planned for it. needless to say, we will be heading back on the weekend with measurements in tow. and while we were wandering around, i met another diarylander lady! asteroidbelt had recognized the bag that c had bought me and introduced herself. she was very friendly and nice and not just cuz she was working there and she had to be! i hope that we will meet again in less retail circumstances and more beer-like circumstances.

when we got home, i dyed my hair a lovely dark chestnut shade. i am now a brunette. i haven't had hair this dark in ages! when i lived my alternate life as a rock star/record store employee i had black hair with red stripes and had a much more exciting life. hmmmm.

in other news, i have a job interview on friday! it's for a design assistant and i'm pretty excited. it's part time, so i will still get to keep my magazine job if i get it. just the thought of quitting the temp agency gives me the jibblies!! i can't wait!! keep your fingers crossed for me.

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