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May 11, 2003 - 10:42 pm

what crazy times. i'm busy. i'm stressed. i'm giddily happy. nothing makes sense.

thursday was my birthday. cornelius surprised me with his grandfather's beautiful kalidscope in the morning as part of my present and off we rode to uprising bakery for a blueberry cinnamon bun before i rode the rest of the way to work. i got a lovely bunch of flowers and c was there to meet me after work and carry the flowers for me in his knapsack. we stopped off at his place, where i opened my next present: a beautiful messenger bag from reload. when we were in olympia, i had seen this lovely bag with an umbrella embroidered on it and wanted it, but it was too much money. but c remembered and ordered it online and now its mine!! we then rode to my house, where i got my best present. while i was at work, c had cleaned my apartment from top to bottom! he did my laundry, dusted my ugly doll collection, alphabetized my cds, did dishes and washed my floors. i was floored and i cried. i'm a sucker for sweetfulness!! we ended the night at havana where we drank lots of beer and ate yummy food. it was a great, great day.

on friday, things still stayed great. i met up with kyla and myra-lee for drinks and had good times gabbing and drinking mucho beer. later, i met up with miss m-lee at a local bar to catch 'brian jonestown massacre' but ended up chatting and pretty much ignoring the band. i was surprised i was able to make it home okay on my bike and make it into bed without any bedspins at all. oh, ibuprofen, i love you!

the next morning, c and i trawled our neighbourhood for the annual 30 block garage sale. i bought records and some books in the hot sunny weather and felt pretty good at my self-restraint. before i knew it, i had to get ready for my small lil' dinner party. friends came over with food and drink and presents and oh, was it fun! and oh, the food! the highlights were definitely nigella's ham cooked in coca-cola and kyla's pavola and homemade ice cream. after we stuffed our bellies and i opened my presents, we all headed for some good ol' cosmic 5-pin bowling at the neighbourhood lanes. just before we headed back to my apartment, we set off pop-pop's and the night ended with a bang. it was a lovely evening.

today, cornelius and i painted the bathroom of our new place. it's looking pretty and though i'm pretty excited about moving in, it's also giving me some scares. i hate moving and i'm just feeling pretty stressed lately. after painting, we walked around strathcona and talked about our future, and my nerves and i began to feel a lot better. i am definitely one lucky girl.

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