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May 09, 2003 - 8:12 pm

it's in pretty poor taste to be writing a diary entry while drunk and while the sun is still in the sky. non? oui. well, the birthday was wonderful. cornelius is the man of the year. he gets m y vote times ten (at least). i could spill all hte exciting details, but i'm pretty drunk now adn typing is a chore. it's fucking hard actually.

i just met up with the lovely and beautiful kyla and the lovely and beautiful miss myra-lee. i'll be meeting up with her (and her beau) shortly again, as i have to find food in this apartment before i ride my bike to see the brian jonestown massacre with the aforementioned charming and pretty miss myra-lee.

okay, i am too drunk too tyupe and this is a pretty retarded little entry. get yer money's worth elsewhere. really.

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