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April 29, 2003 - 9:35 am

i've been sick for the past few days. its sunny and hot outside and all i want to do is lay around indoors and sleep/watch tv/rent videos. it sucks. i should also be at work today but i've called in sick, tho i still might make it for the afternoon. i am feeling much better than i did yesterday. i think the strawberries that cornelius fed me in bed sure helped a bunch. mmmm. and i also managed to yesterday make it on my bike to get my driver's licence renewed. i can only shudder when i imagine what the picture will look like.


okay, i've decided not to go to work today. i feel gross and i've got loads of stuff to do here. today i will paint over the various squares i've painted all over my apartment. back to boring off-white it goes. i think i'll save my pink bathroom til last. who knows, there just might be some girl-loving pinkster who will take this apartment off of my hands and will want to pee in a pink palace. alright, off to the hardware store i go....

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