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April 26, 2003 - 4:04 pm

i love riding my bike. i ride to get me places and it really is my main source of transportation. but i'm not a true bike rider, y'know? i'm lazy by nature, so deciding to hop on the bike to ride across this town's numerous hilly roads is something i don't usually do. i'll ride to work, i'll ride to meet friends for beer, i'll explore new neighbourhoods. but last night cornelius and i went on a bike ride that took me farther than i've ever ridden before. i must applaud cornelius as he is a supreme bike rider. not only is he a bike messenger, but a few years ago he rode ACROSS canada on a thirty-five dollar second-hand 10 speed road bike. so when he rides with me, he turns into a slowster. but he's okay with that. he likes riding by my side.

but back to my story.....last night (it was warmish and nice out) we decided to go for a long bike ride and decided to head to the eatery for sushi and beer. the eatery is around ubc and i was curious to see if i could 'go the distance' (as they say). we did it. we took the seaside route and it was very pretty and we got really drunk on pitchers of keith's ipa once we got to the eatery. afterwards, it really got fucking cold and i was wearing a skirt and knee socks and was so sleepy and drunk and i didn't think i would make it back home. i was so tempted to put my bike on the bus and speedily get to bed. but i soldiered on and we made it home in the early morning and we fell asleep fast.

we woke up with headaches. and my legs are sore.


(oh, yesterday i made a new splash page for my portfolio site and it is very pretty).

(oh yeah, and yesterday i also made pretty invitations for my birthday party which is in less than 2 weeks).

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