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April 25, 2003 - 3:08 pm

after the long weekend, the very thought of returning to work seemed insane. work sucks ass, as we all know. but it is a necessity and i slogged through the rain to get to work. work at the magazine is pretty swell and i listened to the lovely sounds of ms dynamite for 2 days straight. i just can't get tired of that record! my next 2 days of work were at my other design job, where i did nothing but trace logos in illustrator. tracing logos is usually the job i hate most of all, but i didn't mind it so much this time around. and i was able to get off early today and bike around in the warm sunshine in my swingy mint green coat, tweed skirt and knee high socks. it felt pretty sweet.

i've got no idea what i'll be doing this weekend, but i want adventure and fun. and loads of beer.

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