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April 18, 2003 - 7:50 am

i called my parents this morning to wish them my easter greetings as i will be away away away! they were eating pancakes and my brother was over with his girlfriend. i told my mom about moving in with cornelius and she said that she wanted to meet him and would he be a good father for our 'potential' children? it was pretty funny.

cornelius left to pick up the rental car and i'm packed and anxious to move. c always says he gets nervous at the border and they always pull him over and once he was checked over by drug-sniffing dogs. i, on the other hand, have never been stopped at the border and kyla and i have told c not to mention to the border guards that he is a bike messenger (they have a bad rap, y'know). he can just say he is a boring old computer programmer.

besides the hassles at the border, i'm super excited to get out of this city. we've got loads of music ready to go and our bikes will soon be packed away into the trunk. these will be exciting times! so if you see a girl in portland with red hair, black cat eye glasses (well, if i'm not wearing contacts), and a brown and orange bag with a bunny and japanese characters, say hello! i'll prolly be wearing a big goofy grin too. and a tall, lanky gent on my arm.

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