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March 31, 2003 - 8:51 am

despite my fears that i was turning into an old lady, i had a pretty great weekend. but then again, i probably have lower standards than most.

saturday morning, cornelius and i had the very bestest cheapie breakfast at the nice cafe on 8th and main street. i had a cheese omlette with green onions and the best hashbrowns i've eaten in a long time. it was great. we then went to the west side to pick up his newly fixed camera. we wandered around kits beach and the maritime museum and looked and dreamed about living on a boat. we also walked around granville island market and ate lee's donuts and drank coffee. somewhere in the middle we stopped off at a cafe near cornwall and drank more coffee and ate more sweets worked on the ny times crossword and took this picture.


we then continued along the seawall back home and looked at all the livaboard squatters in false creek and actually really considered living on a boat as an ideal lifestyle. we figured that we could probably do it for three years max and then would have saved enough to have a home. we'd only be paying for mooring fees which would be $300/month in downtown vancouver and the cost and maintenance of a boat. okay, so it's a bit of a dream, but it somehow seems more manageable than owning a home in this city.

we continued along our walk and before we left the seawall and headed into chinatown, we took this lovely picture.


on sunday morning, kyla and randy came over and we made waffles with strawberries, kiwis and cinnamon whipped cream. needless to say, it was fucking amazing. kyla and i then made our way to the burnaby public library where i got several videos including "the umbrellas of cherbourg" and a documentary on the angola prison farm. we then made it back to my house and we actually got some ideas flowing about our handmade art project and the first issue's theme will be ice cream. oh yes, i am very excited about the possibilities of doing a collaborative project!!

last night, i rode my bike over to cornelius' apartment and i made porkchops with apples and caramalized onions, brussle sprouts and roasted potatoes. we drank wine and ate by candlelight and listened to elvis singing 'blue moon'. tres romantique, non?

this morning, it's all about dying my hair, washing my dishes and working on some graphic stuff. and definitely taking my bike into the bike shop. sadly, my tire has gone flat 3 times this weekend. after several patching jobs and a new tube, it's time for some professional lookin' at.

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