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March 29, 2003 - 7:23 am

it's official. i'm on my way to oldster city. last night, friday night, i went to bed at 10:30. i was so fucking tired! i don't understand these things! a few months ago when i was in my glorious heyday of unemployment i would greet the dawn before going to bed. work. what is it good for?

usually friday nights is getting on with the crew. kyla, randy and patsy. but that seemed so 2001 when tears and beers were our rallying cry. now we are all in relationships and fridays seem all too rare. however, tonight kyla called and left a message saying to meet at randy's with beer and music. sadly, my bike led me astray. on my way to work, i busted my tire. i could feel each and every cobblestone and just making it up the slight hill was too much trouble. i got off my bike and had to walk it to work. after work, cornelius and i walked to his place where he promptly tried to find the leak. he also fixed up my derailer which were fucking up my gears considerably. so, by the time we got back to my house, i only wanted a quick dinner and some bed. yup, oldster city here i come!

today, i will make up for any oldster lameness and party like it's 1999. all fucking day.

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