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March 25, 2003 - 7:34 pm

despite the fact that i got up too early this morning, today turned out to be a great day. it wasn't raining out and i decided to ride my bike AND wear a skirt AND wear knee socks AND pigtails in my hair. i was super-cutified on the bike route fer sure. and work was great too. although my friends won't agree with me, i'm quite shy -- especially in new situations and i'm never sure how people react to me. but my fears of this not-so-newish job have been abated somewhat. 2 nice girls mentioned to me that they would love to go out for drinks with me sometime. and i listened to lots of music while at work too. my booty was shaking and it helped get rid of any boredom that the hand-coding might have brought on. i was jiggy wit missy elliott, 50 cent, outkast, eminem, ladytron, the fall, elfpower, jayz and nana mouskouri. yup. i also had a great lunch. not only does the magazine have a microwave, they have a toaster and a toaster oven in the kitchen. so it was melted cheezy bagels and veggies and fruit today! mmmmmm. plus all the excellent fair trade coffee and tea i could drink. i love my job. i do! and to make things even greater, i made it up the last hill to my house without me cursing under my breath. hooray!!!

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