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March 24, 2003 - 9:13 am

yesterday i was feeling pretty restless. i am sometimes like that when i'm alone. i can't seem to focus on anyone thing and even if i do, that task gets finished and i'm back into restlessness. so i stayed on the computer, watched some war coverage and some of the oscars. i was actually shocked at the booing michael moore got. i mean he's michael moore and he's in front of the largest audience he's ever had, of course he's going to get on the mic and mix it up. it made me realize that not all americans are against the war and the fact that many are ralleying around the president makes me sad. i think it's all due to american news coverage. go to the cbc and especially here and click on the manipulating minds link and then "leaflets" to actually see all the flyers dropped on iraq. having the americans telling the iraqi people that protecting their oil equals protecting their family is totally nutso! yeah, and the war isn't about oil.

okay, now back to the regular self-obsessed diary entries you've come to expect from oh-sweet-pea.

have i mentioned before that i really really want this pretty pink item to grace my kitchen?? well, i really do and my birthday is coming up in may so it's time for my friends to start saving!

yesterday in my restlessness i tried to play with adobe streamline, but i'm not sure i fully get it. but i'm not fully vector-smart yet anyhow. but i did manage some pretty stuff once i did bring my images into illustrator. but i need tips! who out there will teach me?! who!???!! and i also did my taxes, but i'm positive i did them wrong. i should be getting all my taxes back since i hardly worked last year and instead i calculated getting only $55 back. as i didn't use a calculator, i'm shamed to admit my math skills won't carry me through this year. i'll have to have someone more mathematically gifted to take a look. meesoo last year gave me a mac-based taxes program that is apparently still good for this year, but i can't find the damn thing!

me and the boy will work on our business stuff today and try to get lots of serious work done. plus we'll work on the weekend's new york times crossword over breakfast at the skylight. but i'm thinking that before he comes over, i'll ride my bike down to kingsgate mall and take a peek around. i feel the need for shoes and maybe i'll find a cheapie pair. and tonight i think we might go to the stan brackage retrospective at the blinding light. i wasn't planning on it cuz i thought they were going to play "dog star man" or "water window baby moving" but they aren't and i'm glad cuz, i don't think anyone could pay me to watch those movies again.

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