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March 23, 2003 - 12:44 pm

i don't know if i'm getting cynical about music or what, but everytime i hear something new i can't help but compare it to something i've heard before. the polyphonic spree? the music tapes. iron & wine? leonard cohen/b&s. i feel like when i worked at a record store and wrote signs under new releases: "like pavement? you'll love thisbandofthemonththatican'trememberthenameof". or when i really liked belle & sebastien even though they really did sound so much like donovan and now i hear newer bands and think they sound like belle & sebastien. maybe i'm turning into an oldster faster than i thought. (but i really do like iron & wine).

shake it. shake it. shake it.

today is sunny and cold. cornelius and i had breakfast at the skylight and had our usual breakfast special. i've got a lot to do today and i'm excited. i'd like to find the time to go to ikea and get a new duvet cover but i don't think i'll find the time. instead, i'll clean my floors, pick up junk and do dishes and laundry. and i'll have to return the iron & wine cd back to kristen once it's finished importing on my computer.

i really want to go away somewhere. cornelius and i talked about taking a month off this summer and going on an american road trip down the west coast and into the south. it would be ideal except for the fact that i don't really want to give up my job at the magazine and i don't think they'll want to give me a month off. once the site is re-designed and there isn't as much work to do, maybe they'lll consider it. it's just that i'm feeling antsy. these feets have got to move.


my landlord just knocked on my door and gave me a thirty dollar a month rent increase. i love my apartment and i don't want to move, but paying almost six hundred dollars for my own place will surely kill me. the increase starts in july. i think i am going to start looking for something new. fuck.

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