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March 20, 2003 - 6:57 am

phew! diaryland is back up and i can go on about my life and the choices that i have to make.

on tuesday after i got home from work, i checked messages and i got a call from the government offering me a job in a gov't call centre. the work would suck, but boy oh boy, it certainly would pay well. they also said that it was a "casual" position. i got excited thinking that it could mean that i could only work 2 days a week at the gov and also still keep my job at ad!busters. it would be an ideal situation...making money at one job and being creative at another. i talked to kyla --- who works at a gov call centre making the big bucks and she seems to think 'casual' is another gov't word for full time every day. on the other hand, the web editor at ad*busters wants me to work full time there and is trying to get me into the editorial department...all i have to do is show them my zines and hope they like my writing. which also scares the fuck out of me. i used to have visions of me being a writer and worked freelance for a while doing music and show reviews for a local paper, but i quickly abandonned that in favour of doing my zine. ack!!

anyway, i guess i'll call the gov today and try to find out more details. and i'll also try to keep in mind that quality of life doesn't always mean money.

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