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March 10, 2003 - 10:46 am

so today is looking for a job day. i've already applied for 2 -- one freelance and one web/admin-type job that is part-time. there's not much out there or maybe i just don't know where to look. i'm feeling kind of rundown and i've got cramps up the wazoo. yeow! sometimes it sucks being a girl.

last night, i made the best pizza for kristen. it was salty and good and vegetarian and we had homemade chocolate cake with pink icing for dessert. somehow at around 10pm i felt motivated enough to do a bit of excercise even. it felt good as i haven't done anything like that in months and i'm well overdue for some sweating. i've even been thinking of taking a class or going to the gym at the community centre. we'll see how motivated i can be. ha!

my cramps are getting me down. i think a nap and tv are in order.....

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