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March 09, 2003 - 1:21 pm

yesterday was a pretty fun day. me and the boy ran errands and played and did lots of fun stuff. we came home in the evening and made tuna melts and i made cornelius watch "2 lane blacktop" which he had never seen before. i'm so glad he liked it as it's one of my favorite movies.

we then were planning on riding our bikes to the main to see jon rae and the river but it was snowing (!!!) and too cold. we ended up just taking the bus and when we got there ordered a pitcher of beer and 2 coffees. the combo went surprisingly well together. i love jon rae and i know cornelius didn't like the stuff he had heard on cd since he felt it was just too derivitive of will oldham and palace, but i thought that he'd appreciate the live show. it was fun even tho the boy wasn't throughly into it. i love jon rae cuz when he sings he gets so into it that i feel that i'm watching a little retarded boy singing on stage and i like that. yes, i just do. and i love that he sings so loud that he rarely needs a mic. and there was lots of whistling and foot stomping.

this morning we had a yummy breakfast of freshly baked croissants, saint andre cheese, smoked provolone, oranges and coffee. it was totally delicious and then i decided to take a picture of the breakfast in all its glory and take a picture of the boy biting into his croissant, but my fingers were all buttery from said baked good and the boy's digital camera slipped from my digits and fell to the floor and got broke. i broke the boy's camera! the zoom lens is all stuck out and shit and it's all cuz of me. i felt pretty shitty and cornelius was very good about the whole thing, but i still felt bad. i'll definitely pay for any repair costs and i'll loan him my beautiful pentax manual camera for piktures. oh geez.

today i've got lots of apartment cleaning to do and i'm not very excited about it. i'm also having kristen over for dinner tonight for a make-up birthday dinner since i couldn't go out on her real birthday since i was all sick. i'm going to make pizza from scratch and a big chocolate cake with pink icing and lots of sprinkles and candles. and i'll try to convince her to come to ikea with me tommorrow by skytrain. my quilt cover ripped a few days ago and i feel that i now have a good excuse to get a new one. i just hope ikea has some good looking ones to choose from. i looked on the website and they only had a couple sucky flowery ones. bleh.

oh yeah, and here's a picture of me taken by the boy on friday when we were at the bayshore drinking beer. i'm all blury and look sorta sophisticated. actually, those are the boy's words. he liked the picture cuz i looked sophisticated and not just all cute and girlie which is how he says i usually look in pictures. i don't know what to say about that one.

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