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March 08, 2003 - 11:38 am

i woke up this morning listening to the byrds' 'notorious byrd brothers' on record. we followed that up with stevie wonder's 'inner visions' and then curtis mayfield's 'curtis'. i told the boy how i found that record leaning against a fence 6 years ago with a copy of dave brubeck's 'time out'. there was a christian family having a clear out garage sale and i think they just distanced themselves from those records of their past and they were ripe for me to pick up. so i was singing 'miss black america' loudly to the cringing of my downstairs neighbours.

the boy went to pick up the car for our saturday adventure. i don't know what the day has in store but i'm sure it will be fun and there will be good music in tow. right now i'm listening to the mountain goat's 'tallahassee' and it's making me smile and smile. john darnielle has that effect on me. i can't help it. i love him hard.

two nights ago me and the boy made cookies from a recipe that i found in the georgia straight a few weeks back and they were incredible. we added some cinnamon chipits, almonds and raisens (i can never spell that word!) to the required chocolate chips. mmmmm. so good. we also read before bed. in the morning, we both rode our bikes to work and were surprised by the sudden snowfall. it was pretty damn exciting....even if it melted before it even touched the ground. it was a magical ride down powell street. after work, we decided that an extra long bike adventure was neccessary. and a beer. definitely a beer. we rode along the seaside route and ended up in the bayshore lounge's round room. i love that place. we were the youngest people there and the waitresses always have big boobies and skimpy clothes. we took lots of pictures and i'll post them soon. we then continued on our bikes to chinatown and dinner at hons. mmmmmm nooodles!! it was a lovely day.

it made the hellish work inbetween seem okay. work at the corporate place is getting me down. it's not that the work is particularily bad but it's pretty office-y. lots of gossip and back talking. i hate that. and i hate that my boss just hired a (free!) co-op student instead of hiring someone that i recommended. it pisses me off. corporations suck. i have to find a new job. my deadline is may 1st. i hope i make it. hire me someone please!! i'm quick. i'm talented. i know lots. and i'm fun too!!

riding back home last night, me and the boy talked about our life and how i'm always surprised at how others my age and younger always seem to have things together. like being married. having kids. owning their own home. i can't understand how. am i deficient somehow? where did i go wrong? why are people always shocked at my age when i tell them? am i stunted in my growth? kyla wrote me an email yesterday where she told me she felt the same. always struggling and never getting anywhere. but she also wrote about her friend who has her pockets stuffed with money and seems to have it all: beauty, money, career, home. but she is miserable. the boy told me similar things. he said that we are happy and have a freedom that others with responsibilities don't have. i dunno 'bout that. all i know is that my fridge has some saint andre cheese (on sale at the grotto del frommagio!) and that makes me happy. and my french soap (belle de provence) makes me smell even happier.

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