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February 22, 2003 - 2:41 pm

yesterday i had a fever of 105 degrees. i was feeling in rough shape. thankfully, the kindness of my friends made the pain more bearable. meesoo brought over some mangos, blood oranges, crackers, soup and juice. it's funny, whenever i've been sick meesoo for as long as i've lived here in vancouver has always given me little care packages. he's super sweet. we chatted for a while about his lack of love and his lite brite installations. about an hour after he left, kristen stopped by with soup and juice and i feel bad that i won't be able to be at her birthday dinner tonight, or even that i haven't had a chance to buy her a gift. damn, i hate being sick.

the boy came by after work and he dabbed me with cool towels to make me feel better. i felt like i was on little house on the prarie. we watched john carpenter's "assault on precinct 13" which was pretty good and it gave me creepy dreams last night.

i am now fever-free but i still feel all achey and sick. i'm determined to make it out of the house today even if it's just to the corner to rent a video. i feel like my life is being wasted. i have no interesting anecdotes to share and i can't go out bowling or out to dinner or to the sugar refinery with my friends. soon i'll have something interesting to say. really!

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