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February 11, 2003 - 11:07 am

okay, it's not that i want the boy to propose to me on valentine's day specifically....i just would like a proposal in the next year or so. i feel so gay saying that to begin with! i never thought i'd be the sort of person who wanted to get married or even wanted a wedding. but i do. but not the kind of wedding where fortunes are spent or a dress is bought. hell, i've never in my life even been to a wedding! what i'd want is just a big ol' party with my friends where we dance and drink and eat. a total celebration! but it's still funny that after all my years of saying i never want to get married, i never want to have kids (and i told both of these facts to my mother when i was 4 years old), that now suddenly, things are becoming more of a possibility.

my laundry is in the dryer and i've got hair dye on top of my head. i should have been at this stage an hour ago cuz i'm running low on time and i have to work at 1pm. sigh. it was just too easy to stay in bed and have a luxurious breakfast with the boy than think about errands and to-do lists.

strange fact: this morning i was listening to a replacements tape made ages ago by my friend grimmer and i realized that the replacements just sound like kim mitchell and tom cochrane. no wonder i never could get into them. it's like patio lanterns all over again.

song listening to right now: "another girl, another planet" by the only ones. so good.

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