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February 10, 2003 - 1:10 pm

i bought 5 of these lovely panties on friday.... 3 black and 2 red. my underwear hunt is done. my bra hunt will take much longer. i have bigguns and finding a pretty bra that fits comfortably doesn't look like some goddamn medival contraption is pretty fucking hard.

yesterday i attended the boy's family gathering. lots of food and way too much family. i'm not used to all of that people buisness. but i did get to play lots of pool (badly) and i kicked ass playing croquinol (i'm not sure on the spelling). i also did meet one of his second cousins who was about 10 years old and smart. he laughed at my jokes so i figured we were friends for life. i generally don't like hanging out with kids but i think that's just cuz i never have.

today i met with my client and he paid me the final amount for the site. my bank account suddenly feels flush and the boy and i are imagining a trip of some sort. we're thinking march and mexico...but not one of those all-inclusive vacations. just a cheap flight and a cheap hotel. i think it can be done.

i've got lots more stuff to do on my to-do list for today. laundry. library. post office. letter writing. cooking. oh and i've got to start thinking about what i will bake everyone for valentine's day. and what kind of card i will make and what should i make for the boy. last week, kyla and i accompanied randy on his quest for an engagement present for his girl. we then stopped off at the local pub for fries and beer and talked non-stop about love and marriage and all of that stuff. randy will be my very first friend that will be getting married. and all of that talk makes me want to get married too....i mean, me and the boy have talked about it before but we've only been together as a couple for 6 months. and because randy will propose on valentine's it makes me want my boy to do the same. it's funny because all of my life i've never ever wanted to get married until i fell in love with cornelius. ah, all that valentine's day stuff.

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