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February 08, 2003 - 3:18 pm

i'm cleaning my apartment. it's long overdue. i've thrown up garbage and clutter and washed floors and counters and i can almost see an end. i've been listening to music so loud that i can hear it from my 3rd storey window as i use the garbage bin in the alley. for the past 2 weeks or so i have prety much been listening to the fall over and over again. it was easy. my cds, records and tapes were a mess and it was much easier to hit play on my fall cd than find something completely new to listen to. but this morning i tackled my music situation and have been listening to music non-stop. first it was the organ. eminem. side one of a mixed tape made by randy consisting of all vancouver bands. the undertones. and now side two of the randy tape. watch my bachelorette suite get cleaner and cleaner as i slide across the floors!

yesterday cornelius got hit by a taxi cab. he was riding along when a taxi cab pulled across 2 lanes, hit him, and him and his bike flew over the hood. he was okay. his finger is swollen (but not broken) and he is bruised and cut. he is pretty lucky. he picked me up from work yesterday and we rode along traffic to tinseltown where we were heading to see 'love liza' when he told me about his accident. he was pretty shaken. after the movie, we went to the walk in clinic after much persuasion from me and he saw doctor love (yes, the doctor's real name). he was told to get an xray just to make sure nothing was broken. we then went to dinner at a place neither of us had been to before. a new-ish salvadorian restaurant on commercial drive. it was incredibly good and we ate pupusas and fresh tortillas and chicken and onions. we ate popsicles on the way home and cornelius used the stick as a make-shift splint. i never really thought about a bike messenger being a dangerous job....i mean i knew it was dangerous but i never gave it much thought. it made me pretty angry about the fucking cab driver and it made me believe that my boy is more precious than ever. i mean he is always accident prone. he's been in a plane crash. he had a van roll over his arm. and now he's been hit by a cab. i can only hope he's invincible. like superman.

okay back to cleaning.

line from a 'canned hamm' song that i can't stop singing: "and i want your body pressed against mine without complications"

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