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February 04, 2003 - 10:32 am

[geek rant] last night i realized that i forgot to check out the site i designed in netscape. i forgot to check it's world wide web standards compatibility. ooops! luckily the client didn't check it out in netscape, and i was able to make the minor adjustments in about 10 minutes. phew. i hate sites that can't be viewed in netscape or aren't w3 complient. plus it would make me look bad as a designer. [/geek rant]

as for the client, he has his own bones to pick. minor changes constantly. hopefully, by tonight everything will end and we can "go live" and set up a meeting for final payment. i almost feel i should charge him extra for all his minor changes and extreme pickiness. but i won't do that....not unless he offers! ha.

last night i took a break from all of his emails and got together with friends and watched "wet hot american summer" and "dumb and dumber". i had never seen either of them and they were pretty funny. actually, wet hot american summer, was screamingly funny! i loved it!! we ate chili (made with veggie ground and meaty chorizo sausage), cheddar smokies wrapped in pillsbury weiner wraps, and brownies and ice cream for dessert. yup, it was another "how high" evening and good times were shared by all.

what i really need: more sleep, 10 new pairs of black cotton underwear, 2 new bras, and a haircut. and i'd say the likihood of reaching these lofty goals = 100% (finally, some goals i can fully manage!)

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