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February 03, 2003 - 1:02 pm

i'm tired and happy. i finished my freelance job on schedule and now the client just has to sign off on the deliverables. it was a much more hellish job than i had imagined.....meaning that he was much more picky than i had originally assumed. and he wanted such gimmicky things on his site and didn't want me to do anything to his shitty photographs other than optimize them. grrrr. i'm not happy with how he wants to place his images and he didn't like my suggestions. hmph. i thought freelancing was the way to go? maybe it's better at my other jobs where i never have to meet or deal with clients directly. i just take orders and that's it.

i've only worked one day at the magazine so far, but i've got 2 shifts this week. right now, it's a part time job (2 days a week) that will hopefully turn into full time. i really liked my one day there. the office is in a house and everyone was really friendly and nice and i feel that i can really learn alot there. i'm excited to work more on their website. it's going to be a fun job!

i also am looking for something else part time cuz i really have to quit my design job at colliers. i love it there and i love my boss, but i am tied by the temp agency strings and for a better piece of mind so that i can feel better about my work it is an absolute necessity. i've got to find some more fulfilling work. but i think i will stay at my part-time movie theater job for a while. i like some of the people there and where else can i watch good movies while i work and eat all the popcorn and chocolate bars i want?! it's a pretty sweet deal. on the weekend, i saw 'far from heaven' and loved it. it was so beautiful and i wanted to own every couch, light fixture and car.

it's sunny and warm out and i plan on enjoying the day. for the past week it's felt like spring and i've spend too little time in it.

outward bound i go!

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