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January 28, 2003 - 11:09 am

as the things in my life improve step by step, i feel that i must ground myself in some good old-fashioned rants. thankfully, for once, they are not self-defeating comments or pathetic self-talk. just rants, dammit! rants!!

rant one. the bikers in vancouver are lame-ass losers. they dress up in their expensive mountain equiptment co-op all-weather gear and look like total tards. i can't understand the need to wear yellow and black tights, goggles, and enough reflective tape that me -- biking behind in my sneakers, skirt, and wind-swept striped scarf -- can actually see my reflection as i put on lipgloss. [note: this doesn't apply to bike messengers who have to look like tards. i know, cuz cornelius is a bike messenger who wears his tights with shame.]

rant two. [okay, this isn't really a rant....more just information] if i have taken you off my buddy list, it is because you haven't updated in a long while. there is absolutely nothing malicious or mean in that, is there? so, if you have updated, inform me and back into my life you'll go.

rant three. swappingtons. i fully support the concept of swapping. swapping is great! exchange goods and services for things you want. but swappingtons uses points and the only way to get points (other than referring users) is to swap...but you can't swap without points. it seems to me that points is just another currency like money and thus creating a swappingtons population of have-nots. i hope i am wrong about that. but go check out the swapping community on nervousness or even my lame-o little diaryland swap site. no points and no money....just loads of swapping!

okay, i think that's enough ranting for now. why? well, the phone just rang and i got the web job at that culture-ad-busting magazine! whoooo! and i didn't have to say things like "No Blood for Oil, Bikes Not Cars and Starfucks" in the interview, as my friend kyla predicted. phew! well, i guess i can now officially say that i am a web designer....who works a total of 3 web design jobs and 1 popcorn girl job. oh well.

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