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January 21, 2003 - 8:01 am

i'm up early because i decided to have breakfast with the boy before he left for his bike messenger job. last night after i came home from work, he came over and we just had the loveliest time staring into each others eyes (and doin' other stuffs). i am always shocked how in love i am with this boy. i never thought it was possible for me to feel this way about someone else -- even though i had been in love a couple times before -- it had never ever felt like this. i realized last night that it will be six months since we've been together and it's funny cuz i've known him for years.

last night at work, some guy tried picking me up. it was weird, he gave me his card and everything. when i showed cornelius the card, he said that he knew the guy as a customer from when he worked at a record store and that he was totally creepy. it was strange being picked up by a total stranger at work. i had forgotten what retail was like. i remember when i worked at various record stores oh so many years ago what a hotbed of clerk vs customer lust it was! i remember being hit on many times and it was how i started dating ryan, cuz he always came in and bought such good stuff from me. ah, retail, no love lost there!

today i am going to ride my bike downtown to pick up my shoes and then meet kyla for a matinee. i have no idea which movie we will see, but it seems like there are literally dozens of movies out that i want to see. and i am so sad that 8 mile has left the theaters already. hopefully it will come around to one of the reps soon. i'm pretty excited to be able to ride my bike again. my cold seems much much better, so i won't mind walking into strathcona and picking my bike up from the boy's apartment and riding downtown. i just hope that it won't rain!

i think it is time to re-introduce my failing/fledgling swap site as swappingtons seems to be sweeping the diaryland nation. swap to it!

and how about kyla's public library art site that i designed? huh? check out the p-l-a-s-m-a project and get involved!

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