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January 16, 2003 - 10:34 am

achoo to you too muthafucka. i hate this fucking cold. it's really messing with my finances as i had to call in sick to work last night, and today to my full-time job and i'll have to cancel my night gig too. and to make matters worse, it's sunny and warm out. but i suppose it's okay, cuz i can just sleep and clean my kitchen floors and watch movies in the afternoon.

yesterday i watched 'to kill a mockingbird'. i had read the book as a child, but i never saw the movie until yesterday. it was pretty great. amazing lighting and an incredibly modern title sequence that was pretty inspiring to look at. i could do an entire short film based on the title sequence alone.

actually, besides my hurtin' financial situation, i am eager to get lots done during my forced time off. my handmade project will get done soon, as i have plenty of ideas and with kyla helping me out, it will soon take shape into an actual project. i'll keep you posted, as it will be an online and in-real-life community based art project. i'm pretty excited about the whole thing, since it's been taking shape in my head for close to a year now. let the projects begin!!

now if only the popping of my ears would end now.

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