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January 14, 2003 - 2:31 pm

i'm on hold with the student loan people and it's getting to be very frustrating. last time i had a student loan (which i paid back in full), i went through a bank and had my dealings with someone who was just a few blocks away. but because of the high default on student loans, the banks pulled out of that situation and now it's strictly gov bizness. now is the only time i'd love one of those lil' headsets worn only by call centre workers. it's giving me a definite kink in the neck trying to type and hold the line ("merci pour votre patience" my ass).

today begins my month of 2 days of work a week. i still am working at the theater at night, but my cash flow will soon come to a stand still. so to celebrate my poverty, i had an interview with a popular culture-jamming-media-busting magazine for a web position. the pay is peanuts but the work is part time and will likely hold until i can get up and get some real work. the interview went well, but i was the first candidate to be interviewed so we'll see what happens. my fingers are crossed (and lately, always seem to be!)

my road trip to hope with the boy was wonderful. it really was great getting out of this damn city and i got to see real snow on the ground and icicles and everything! our camper van was cold. thankfully we had tons of blankets and sleeping bags and hugs to keep us warm throughout the night. the scenery was spectacular and it was fun listening to mixed tapes and travelling with the boy that i love. but it certainly didn't make me want to go and live off in some small town. the romance of small towns, my ass. the legion for beer and you are lucky if there's a bowling alley and a movie theater. but, oh how i love to visit! the thirft stores were pretty great with things actually being sold for a quarter. i found a nice cardigan, mittens (for the boy), and some nice glassware.

okay, i've now just hung up on the student loan office. i can't hold for half an hour. i've got things to do! damn their threats of collection! my cheque is in the mail.

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