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January 09, 2003 - 10:15 pm

today was rough. i talked over the job situation with my boss and then talked things over with the temp agency and there is nothing i can do. no matter how much my boss likes me (and she does) she won't break the contract she has with the agency. i felt like crying all day and the only thing that saves me is the icy cold bike ride to and from work. i feel like i am a slave to the agency. they take half of my pay and when i asked about re-negotiating my contract they just said that if i wasn't satisfied i could find other work. it's gone from bad to worse. but wait, there's more. starting next week, for 4 weeks, the job can only give me two days of work a week. from then on it will be full time but i just can't do it. i can't live on 2 days of pay a week. i'm going to have to find something else and try to live even more frugally than i have been. yikes. could things be any worse?

for the upside. cornelius' has his parents camper van for the weekend and we are going on a road trip to hope (that's a small town in b.c.) it will be all done on the cheap and it will be definitely good to be getting away from this city and my life for a couple of days. hope. i like the sound of that!

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