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January 05, 2003 - 1:12 pm

before i get on with the new, i must get rid of the old. this morning i decided that it was time to get rid of my christmas tree. i figured that throwing the tree out the window would be the least messiest way and it certainly was. i can't help but wonder what my neighbours -- three flights below thought of as they looked out their window to watch a christmas tree dive bomb from above.

new years eve was great. kyla, cornelius and i headed over to kristen's for a pot luck. we only brought a bag of cheezies but ended up making out like bandits. mmmmm, smoked salmon, brie and ice cream! we then headed one block east to a party that randy was djaying at. on first appearances, it was not the kind of party that i would normally be too keen on attending. the couple that owned the house were named pootka and keiron. you can only begin to imagine what i did! k and his partner p are the kind of couple who look like they own baraka on dvd, journey to india for tantric spiritual quests and hang bad but politically correct art on the walls. the place was also filled with wall to wall lesbians grinding in blazers, plaid shirts and buzzcuts. not that i have any reserves about lesbians, but these were just too stereotypical and boring. certainly not the porn ready lesbos of my latent desires. but down went our beers and as soon as those were gone, we raided the fridge for more. we also consumed the sangrias and ethnically-correct food spread put out by our gracious hosts. and oh, how we danced!! and did we care when our beers spilled into the turkish hand-woven rugs? or when our sangrias fell out of our hands and into the white carpet? certainly not! we just found dry ground and kept on dancing. we then decided to head two doors down to a party held by the coolest of the vancouver cool and got bored within seconds over the too-cool-for-school posturing and reserved nature of it all. so back we headed to the tantric house and danced to the beastie boys until we could dance no more. and when it was time to leave (read: when i couldn't properly stand up), i took a bottle of red wine from the counter tops and headed home. yes, i am a bad ass. don't fuck with me!!

happy 2003! as for new year's resolutions i have a few to make. sure there are the time honoured ones which don't really get honoured anyway like, trying to eat better and be more active. but i also have some hard and fast ones for two oh oh three. like, i have to get a family doctor. it's been ages since i've had a check up cuz i had been waiting for my old family doctor to come back from her pregancy leave. after three years, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. if anyone has any good recomendations for a good female doctor in vancouver let me know! another one is to be more productive. to create more. this one i can do. it's already happening. i have more confidence in the things i am doing and i feel good about what i can accomplish. and i have loads of ideas! i am not afraid!! i also have to clean house more. get rid of things. tidy up and wash floors. this has been a bad time for housework. i've been so busy and have neglected my home as a result. cornelius jokingly said that he didn't want to come over to my house cuz it was such a mess. yes, 2003 will be the year of the clean house.

it's going to be a great year. i can feel it!!

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