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December 30, 2002 - 9:47 pm

today somebody found my diary by googling the phrase "best kissers". i think that's a good place to start thinking about the past year. last year at this time i was getting over a break-up and looking forward to the year ahead. i wanted kisses and i wanted to finally feel good about myself and my accomplishments. and boy oh boy, did things shake themselves up! yes, i was kissed by quite a few boys until i found one kisser who truely made my knees weak and my heart melt. i got a whole lot more than i had ever hoped to find. the boy was the best thing ever and who would have known that he was around the whole time. yay me! i also did a whole lot this past year. finishing school and learning lots was good and living a carefree summer while i lived off my savings may not seem that wise now as i am broke broke broke, but at the time, whoooeeeee what fun!!

i don't know if i accomplished everything off of my list, but i sure tried. i am happy. i did kiss a boy or four. i was open to new possibilities and definitely found more than hope. i try to smile more at strangers and i'm always cross with myself when i don't. and i always want to be better to my friends as they are way too good to me. i don't have time to write out my new year's list tonight (and really i still have a few days to come up with ideas), but thinking about all that i want to accomplish in the year ahead is staggering and exciting. i have hope! hurrah to best kissers!!

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