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December 29, 2002 - 1:56 pm

i finally have a bit of time to myself before i head off to my 2nd job.

time feels good.

this past week i spent almost every moment with the boy. it felt amazing. actually, it felt more than amazing. it was real and good and utterly fantastic. i haven't been able to spend much time with him now that i have two jobs. we did see each other every day practically, but he usually came over after i came home at night (usually around 11pm) and we'd fall asleep together and eat breakfast in the mornings. sometimes if we were lucky we'd pass each other in the day while i was on lunch and he was on his bike delivering letters and packages (he's a bike messenger, y'know). and he'd always meet me at my elevator for kisses at the end of the workday. but this wasn't real time, or 'quality time'. this was just passing the moments time. so it really really felt great getting in some good hanging out time. it felt like before when we both didn't work and we'd hang out all day in bed or we would go on small adventures throughout the city. i want more. i need more.

i want time.

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