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December 28, 2002 - 10:22 am

this year was a different christmas lot altogether. i usually spend the holiday by cooking a turkey and having friends over to eat and exchange presents. but this year, most of my friends were heading home to visit family and i had a boyfriend with family in town. so this year, i did things differently. monday night, i had friends over and we ordered pizza and we exchanged gifts inbetween beer and hot toddies. it was nice. on christmas eve, i prepared a delicious pork roast (i've never made one before) and cranberry sauce and roasted vegetables and the boy made brussle sprouts. we ate a lovely pre-christmas feast and then played yahtzee all night until we fell asleep to the grinch who stole christmas on television. it was a spectacular evening.

the next morning we opened presents and made breakfast and at eleven o'clock a.m. his parents came by to take us to spend christmas with them. we ate a huge turkey dinner and opened presents with his parents, grandma and aunt. it was really sweet. once again, the yahtzee came out and we played and played. [i recieved yahtzee from kyla on monday as part of my present and i had never played before. let me tell you, this is one fun game!!] we headed back to my home and went to bed early.

boxing day was our day to ourselves. just relaxation and fun times. indeed! we got up late, ate breakfast and walked over to his apartment where we looked at all his photographs from his bike trip from vancouver to montreal and his trip to prague. i also saw his collection of found objects, which included several letters to and from jail which he found in an alley. it was pretty crazy stuff as we could gather from the letters, the mom was in jail and the kids would write to her and on the same letter the dad would write all kind of graphic sexual acts he'd like to perform on her once she gets out of the slammer. yup, good times! we then watched lord of the rings (as i had never seen it) and spent the rest of the day in bed. sweet.

yesterday i spent the entire day at the boy's extended family gathering in abbotsford. i met aunts and uncles and cousins and great grandmas and neices and nephews. it was pretty crazy. once again, another christmas feast was had....making it a grand total of three different christmas dinners this year. not bad! it was pretty strange being around new people and new family members. even though the boy is an only child, he has loads of relatives. i come from a small family...well, that's not exactly true. i have one brother and i do have loads of relatives (dozens and dozens of cousins and aunts and uncles -- i come from a very catholic background, remember and most of them are from quebec!), but i don't think i've seen any of them since i was a little kid. my dad has never liked my mom's family and we also didn't spend much time with my dad's family either. so extended families have always seemed a bit strange and a bit envious at the same time. but it was nice to meet all of his family and feel like part of the family.

as for presents, i received the following items:

+a lino block set

+a pretty silver dish rack (i really did need one!)

+a package of 6 lush bath bombs

+a le tigre cd

+a vase from the same kind of vintage glassware that i collect

+lots of vintage knick-knacks

+a homemade scarf and hat


+lots of sweet smelling soap from france

+burts bees lip balm

+a good housekeeping junior cookbook from the 50's

+the new linda barry collection of comix

+vitamins (from my parents)

+a new shiny bike bell

+loads of candy and chocolate

+mexican hot chocolate

+and there is still a box at purolator that i will pick up today from my brother.


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