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December 24, 2002 - 3:23 pm

here it goes....sorry for the long delay....

ten things that have happened to me of late:

1. i spent one night in emergency. one night at work, my chest started hurting really really bad. sharp searing pain. i worked throught the pain until my shift was over and cried until i got to the bus stop. when i finally got home at midnight, the boy took me to the hospital where i endured a series of tests and was told to take some advil for the pain. i got home at 8:30am. result: a lung infection or muscle sprain. who knows. i'm better now. thanks for the good words.

2. last week the boy and i got a huge christmas tree and decorated it with pretty lights and vintage finds. it smells better than almost anything.

3. i finally lit a candle given to me ages ago by a lovely miss adventures and it smells up my house really really really good! mmmmm.

4. all presents have been wrapped and made and i've already given some out to my friends who won't be around for the holidays. i'm a busy girl. i made the loveliest felt creatures a la royal art lodge and most turned out great.

5. last night i had friends over and we exchanged gifts. let me tell ya, i gots some good stuff! i'll list everything once xmas is over cuz lists of stuff is fun!

6. it's snowing outside!!! well, it snowed today for about 5 minutes. lovely.

7. i am still loving my job. i'm now designing a website and having fun doing it. sure it's corporate but i get to play with photoshop all day and i've learnt all kinds of supa-fast hot keys (tho most are for the pc). i love to learn!

8. the government called not to offer me a job (um, they really did leave a message letting me know they were calling about a job offer...) they just wanted to know if i was still interested in being on their list. as i am number one on their list for any available jobs. so i'll have to wait around for awhile before i strike it rich with civil servant pay cheques and relaxed government hours. sigh.

9. tonight i will spend christmas eve with the boy. i am making a roast with all the trimmings and we'll exchange presents and spend lots of time together naked. tommorrow, we will go and have christmas with his parents and extended family. it's kinda freaking me out a bit.

10. merry christmas!!

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