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December 22, 2002 - 3:19 pm

i've got 10 minutes until my chocolate macaroons are done, so i'm making this quick. needless to say i am BUSY. ah, the holidays. i could muse endlessly about my wonderful smelling christmas tree and all the handmade presents i've done (only one left to make!), about how there is finally snow on the mountain tops and about the perfect present i found for the boy (1/2 off!), but i'll just let you know that i'm going crazy. i'm busy as hell. i also spent the night in the emergency room on wednesday. a lung infection. meesoo thinks i am working too hard and i'll agree with him cuz the cat scan wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world to endure. i'll fill you in more with my life when i get some more time -- the coming week perhaps as i have from wednesday until sunday off. phew.

happy holidays to all!!

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