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December 16, 2002 - 8:24 pm

i'm so tired working two jobs, i don't think i can form coherant sentences, or even bother to correct typos or bad spelling. so here it goes in lazy-ass form -- my rambling ramblings.

*i am broke. again. so despite all the warnings and well-wishes in my guestbook (i thank all of you!!), i think i will be accepting the government job. tho i've been leaving messages on the govlady's machine cuz she's never there. so it may take awhile, but according to my civil servant lady friend, they will have to hold their offer to me regardless until i actually say no.

*that said, i love love love my temp job. today they had me in a meeting cuz they asked me if i would like to design and code their in-house website for a bid they have coming up. i said yes, of course! good experience and good learnin'. and boy oh boy are they getting a deal. yes, because i am a lowly temp they are paying me peanuts. actually, i know peanuts that cost more than i am getting paid. yup. sure it's meaningful work and i love the people and the place, but it still leaves me broke broke broke. hence, the gov job. nuff said. hate me if you want. i need to eat, pay rent and bills, let alone buy a very needed bra or two.

*this weekend was fun. busy. but fun. i worked a lot at my second job, but i had saturday off and i spent it with the boy and my friend from toronto who is up here working. we ate a yummy breakfast. brie and black forest ham omlette (paid for by my friend who just got a $10,000 xmas bonus!)

*this weekend i also made tree ornaments with the boy, kyla and her new beau. it was fun with felt! we then took our lovely hand-sewn tokens to a big grown-up party in a yaletown loft where kyla and i huddled near the 7 layer dip and olives and ate and talked about our boys and ate some more. it was fun.

*i just finished eating a yummy nanaimo bar made by the illustrious kyla (miss sweet, for short). i think the nanaimo bar is the bestest ever canadian invention. yes, even ahead of the telephone, basketball, superman, and the word 'eh'. mmmm.

*no one has ever asked me what i wanted for xmas. ever. but if someone did, i wouldn't know what to say.

*ryan's parents called to let me know that they have put a box of goodies in the mail for me today! i'm pretty excited cuz i know it will be filled with lots of xmas baking. it's pretty great that my ex's parents still love me lots and call and email me often. they really are sweet.

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